Monthly Archives: March 2007


This picture has been sitting among the random files on my desktop for, jeez, 19 months now while I’ve sought a context for it apart from, “Look at this wacky thing I found on a knitting site that I stumbled on for no reason I can recall.”

19 months, is, coincidentally, the amount of time that I’ve been meaning / trying / neglecting to finish a worthy novel synopsis.

So that’s two things done today…

Is Ignoring the Fact that I Haven’t Updated for a Month an Option?

Let’s say it is.

A few things from my notebook:

There is, by the way, a reason the Incredible Hulk isn’t set in London…

Page 1, Panel 1: Bruce Banner dresses for work.
Page 1, Panel 2: Bruce Banner enters London Underground Station.
Page 1, Panel 3: Enraged by crowds, Banner transforms into the Hulk.

See? No suspense.

Must Write Stone Age SF…
… so I have an excuse to call it CavePunk.

At the poetry reading…

Never say which is your favorite.
Pineapple juice is barely interesting, and never sexy.
I don’t care about your artistic journey.

The stainless steel elevator doors have conspicuous fingerprints, one hand’s worth on each side at the very top of doors. They are smeary in a way that indicates strenuous effort.

An American Kid, Maybe Five Years Old …
…has been chattering on the Tube. He see the Bermondsey stop and announces that we have arrived at “Beer Money”, a phrase he has obviously heard before.