Monthly Archives: February 2007

Another Week Gone

I’m having a hard time deciding what to post here…the Day Job Project is three weeks deep into madness, and I foresee another couple weeks in the same condition. Outside the project I have lots of reasons to be anxious, some less abstract than others —

— like this thing on my leg. A few days ago this thing appeared on my leg. I have variously surmised it to be — in order as it waxed and then, thankfully tonight, waned — a rash, an ingrown hair, an exotic bug bite, ebola, an infected area around a splinter, a boil. A good long soak in the tub seems to have helped, but tonight I will outline the affected area with a felt tip pen. If tomorrow morning the ebola boil bug bite exceeds the boundary I will seek medical attention. See, Mom — I am taking care of myself.

And now I’m thinking how handy it would be if I could draw around everything stressing me out so I can keep track of whether it’s getting better or worse. Yes, people, of course there would be inked up people, but also my inadequate novel synopsis, malfunctioning technology large and small, inner and outer demons, and entire governments circled with Sharpie.

Okay, back to work on the synopsis.