Monthly Archives: March 2008

While It’s Still March

At last I’ve realized: if I wait until I can explain, contextualize, and fill in the gaps; if I try to capture all of the high points, low points, and funny bits; if I catch up on overdue personal e-mail before I make a public post…

…I will never ever update this blog again. And as several of you have insisted that would be bad:

Hi, I’m Jane. Somehow I live in London and Seattle. You can tell this is true because I have books and irons + ironing boards and clothes and coffee grinders and hair dryers in both places. Small appliances with various plugs and appetites for voltage are a sure sign of the geographically conflicted.

I would add Loved Ones among the appliances, but by that measure I also live in Southern California and New York (City and Upstate) and San Francisco and other places. And maybe I do.  But sadly a person can only have so many coffee grinders.