First, because it has been sitting patiently in my e-mail queue like a not-quite-empty bottle of vodka just waiting to be finished off and busted across the middle so it can cut a guy —

The ambition of every young bottle of vodka: just ask those bitty ones on an airplane. They’re all about about growing up big and strong into 750 ml so they can mess up a guy and taste human blood. Go on, ask ’em. Bloody mary mix is just practice.

Cherrybombed, the internetty home of the one and only DJ Cherrybomb, for whom bloody mary mix is also just practice (miss you and the crazy Sea-Town kids, baby).

And here is Allumination, the new blog of the man responsible for me having the following conversation with a minicab driver at midnight on a Sunday:

MCD: Were you at the club that was on fire?
Me: It wasn’t on fire. They just cranked up a smoke machine at the end of the last set.
MCD: But there was so much smoke pouring out the door…
Me: You should have seen the inside.

Also there were chainsaws, making a Faust concert quite possibly the safest place in to be in the event of a zombie attack.

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