Monthly Archives: May 2009

Three out of Four

Back on December 31st I declared not resolutions but my big to-do list for the first part of 2009. In my head that was by March 31st, so by that measure practice is, as usual, running behind ambition. But if we take “the first part of 2009” to mean “before June 30th”, then I’m ahead of schedule. So let’s do that.

Here is the list, in order of completion:

Find a new flat
Found the flat in January, moved at the beginning of February. Well settled in now. And my flatmate rocks.

Finish the 78-page application to extend my UK visa
Done in March, and approved in April for three more years under Tier 1 of the points-based system, meaning I’m not reliant on a UK employer for residency under a work permit. And speaking of UK employers…

Find a new job
Done, as of yesterday, and in the whirlwind fashion that still surprises me even though my last few jobs turned up like this. Maybe it’s the profession — maybe “Quick, someone call a project manager!” isn’t just for wacky comic strips. (For the record, I do not wear a cape to work, and I hate taking anything but computer-related activities “offline”. I have, however, been known to use heat vision to break bottlenecks.)

Which leaves only one thing to do…

Finish the revision of the novel
So I’d better get to work.