Facebook Ate March (and Half of April)

Well, I was under the impression I was updating here, but it turns out it was just Twitter and Facebook. Yipes. A few quick highlights:

  • I spent last weekend in Bradford at Eastercon. It was delightful and a good kick in the “write more!” pants, as cons usually are. Norwescon took place the same weekend in Seattle, and I did imagine it would be supernifty if they could be magically combined into one giant event. Yes, Nor’eastercon. Yellow slicker and Maine accent optional.

  • I turned in my application to extend my UK visa, and am now waiting for the outcome. Should be any day now…

  • I had a birthday! It was swell.

  • Also swell: I sold two stories, “The Prettiest Crayon in the Box” to GUD, and “Where the Time Goes” to Asimov’s. I submitted the first (unfinished) draft of “Where the Time Goes” during week six at Clarion West 2005, but just came up with an ending during revisions this fall.

    “Prettiest Crayon” started out as part of a mainstream novel, and the science in it isn’t speculative, so I’m very pleased GUD is giving it a home. If you happened to have attended the Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading at World Fantasy in Calgary last year, it was the one with the beets…

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