Monthly Archives: January 2008

Quick, before January Is Gone Entirely!

That wouldn’t be a bad thing, except in the usual only-so-many-grains-of-sand-in-the-hourglass kind of way — January has been a Challenge.

Bye, January! Don’t let February hit you in the ass on the way out!

Actually, if February will be doing any ass-damage it’s likely to be mine.

So yeah, what’s been going on? I did get internet access a couple of weeks
ago, but time to use it? Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha. Ow. I hurt my own feelings
with my with excessive derision.

The good news is that my contract is up at the end of February, and I will
be taking a writing and travel break, still based out of London. More detail on that soon.

Other good news: A’s story is the cover illustration of the current issue of Midnight Street, and a damn fine story it is, too.