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I Can’t Decide: “Andalusian Spot” or “Dick and Jan”?

I owe an update on the many fabulous interactions at Norwescon, as well as a report on the trip to Strasbourg with Ma and Pa that immediately followed and only recently concluded, but for now I will present a Cavalcade of Links:

Buñuel + Svankmajer + Dick and Jane = this.

And a touch of Trilogy of Terror #3, come to think of it (crap, I’m going to have nightmares now).

And don’t forget: shiny side out, people.

Norwescon 30

I’m off to Seattle tomorrow morning to celebrate my fifth-ever science fiction convention by attending as a participating (and very humble) pro…which perhaps explains the dizziness.

If you happen to be at Norwescon, I will be among those taking about:

Text-lepathy…behold the future of implanted text messaging devices!
Thursday, 4:00 PM, Cascade 3

The Human Being in a Thousand Years…flesh and blood or cybernaut?
Thursday, 5:00 PM, Cascade 10

Tricky Tricksters…in which I will be talking about my favorite gender-bending Norse troublemaker.
Friday, 2:00 PM, Cascade 5

Exotic Mythologies…no, not like Exotic Dancing. Well, maybe. Come and find out.
Friday, 10:00 PM, Cascade 4

My Reading…see below.
Saturday, 2:00 PM, Cascade 3

Bag and Baggage…how to reconcile the advice “write what you know” with the fact that you write freaky, freaky unreal things.
Saturday, 3:00 PM, Evergreen 4

Revision: If I Didn’t Get It Right The First Time, How Do I Do It Better The Second?
Sunday, 12:00 PM, Evergreen 3

Curtain Up: Speculative Fiction Onstage…in which I will say — in complete seriousness — “Laurence Olivier portrayed a holographic floating head named Akash.” If you don’t follow that link then scroll to the bottom and go on to the next page, you are doing yourself, Dave Clark, and holographic floating heads from another dimension a major disservice.
Sunday, 2:00 PM, Cascade 6

Yep, on Saturday at 2:00 PM in Cascade 3 I’ll be reading from my (yet unpublished but finally ready to be seen) novel, The Goddess of Nothing in Particular. Saturday at 2:00 PM is a great time slot…so great it’s also the reading slot of writer guest of honor Kim Stanley Robinson.

So, um, yeah. Even the loyal E would blow me off for that, and he would not be blamed.

Therefore, dear friends and relations, if you read the above and thought, “Kim Stanley Who?”, please come to the Sea-Tac Doubletree for my reading.