Carrying the One

I’ve done some version of Serious Math prit near every day for the last month or so. That would be in both the day job and the life job, money math and calendar math and the movement of the stars math, all of it headed toward an ever-drifting bottom line. I love Serious Math because it creates the illusion of a longer event horizon, even though all kinds of interesting stuff comes crawling — and will always come crawling — over the edge of the sphere with little or no warning. Serious Math sweetly kindly tricks you into thinking you’ve got enough information to make decisions. And so decisions get made, as they must when you’ve got 360 degrees of horizon and no swiveling eyeballs.

Excuse me while I decide to stand staring straight up wishing for swiveling eyeballs. There. Done. Where was I?

Oh, yes: in praise of math.

Except I am so sick of math right now. Excuse me while I stand staring straight up wishing for a club with which to hit things.

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