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What I wrote last Thursday night:

The vegetative state persisted, but the Fierce Week is over and now I’m running off to what may very well be woods. At least there’s a tent involved. And fleece. And waterproof jackets. It’ll be just like camping at home, although perhaps with more instant coffee and less Sasquatch dander.

More when I’m back on Monday, claims the Blog Tease.

Then I forgot to post it.

No woods, but a beautiful valley. And sheep. And mud. Magic, light-shedding mud that taught me more about English colonialism in one squelchy weekend than a shelf of books and many days of reading. Also, good music, good food, giant tents. One bout of annoyance with academic colonialism (can you throw a rock at an animist and just claim to be making an introduction?), but even that was without regret.

So yes, a good head-clearing weekend.

And now a couple of writing related things I’ve been meaning to announce:

  • My story “Atalanta Loses at the Interpantheonic Trivia Bee” is in the September issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and — thanks to newsstand time dilation — is available now.

  • “Just Do It” will appear in the upcoming Polish anthology KROKI W NIEZNANE edited by Konrad Walewski. This will be the first published translation of one of my stories, so it’s especially exciting.

Must sleep now…after I actually post this.

3 thoughts on “Even Quickier / D’Oh! / Announcements

  1. Uncle Mike

    I wish you had posted this sooner. Last nite I went to Borders Books to buy their one (1) copy of the September issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and found out someone else had bought it. Bummer!


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