Salvage of the Lamb (et al)

Tonight I made a lamb and mixed vegetable curry using the leftover leg of lamb A roasted for dinner on Sunday (the roast was fabulous, and the lamb a lovely housewarming gift from A’s mother). I also threw in:

  • the remaining carrots and onion he roasted with it
  • the leftover peas we had on the side
  • whatever broccoli I didn’t use satisfying the broccoli-and-cheese baked potato craving I had earlier this week
  • a sweet pepper I didn’t use in Friday’s pico de gallo
  • the Turkish pepperoncini that didn’t make it into same
  • ditto some of the fresh cilantro
  • carrot sticks that survived my snacking
  • celery not destined for tuna salad
  • and the rest of the mushrooms from the giant pack I bought for the chicken, mushroom, and asparagus risotto I made last night.

Also an onion, four cloves of garlic, and two cans of chopped tomatoes.

Oh, and I worked that spice drawer, baby.

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