Harry Potter and the Wunch of Bankers*

I finally got around to watching the new Harry Potter trailer, and had to pause it at the opening shot because that camera is going through my neighborhood. Tweak the angle a little, and that’s pretty much the view out my windows. The direness of the scene made me think it was Voldemort’s POV, perhaps on his way to work at the Credit Suisse building. Yes, yes, I know, that’s totally out of line. Everybody knows Voldemort works for HSBC.

Anyway, the closing shot shows broomed Harry on the same flight path, chased or chasing or just headed into town for Equus rehearsals, I don’t know.

* A wunch is the slang plural for a group of bankers, like a pod of whales or a murder of crows. If you haven’t spotted the joke, it lies in transposing the initial letters. Not that I ever sit in meetings and think to myself, “What a wunch of bankers!”

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