Hey, Aaron — It’s International!

I thought of you when the radio woke me up this morning. A guy called in for a contest from an oil rig on the North Sea:

“So what do you do on the rig?”
“I’m an electrician.”
“You’re a sparky?”

I haven’t heard “atomic wrangler” over here yet, though.

One thought on “Hey, Aaron — It’s International!

  1. Weasel Boy

    How cool!! I could go to London and keep my nickname! You probably won’t hear “atomic wrangler” at all though! I’m still trying to get it to go mainstream here in the states, let alone internationally. You mentioned in your last entry that you had to buy a “Brit-plug curling iron”. If I was with you, I’m sure I could have used some #12 wire to rig up your American one! Hell, at twice the voltage over there, I bet it would get REALLY hot REALLY fast!! Might catch your hair on fire though…. Love Ya


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