I Went, Parts 1 and 2

Part 1
I went to the Pride parade in downtown Seattle last Sunday with S, MC, D, and J (I just found out that MC likes to be mentioned, so I’m going to mention him again: MC!). At one point someone in a plush anthropomorphized water bottle costume (I think it was a recycling mascot) came staggering by. Given the 90-degree heat, it was not unreasonable to suppose the poor human inside could be done in by heat exhaustion and dehydration. Can’t…breathe — too…much…irony…

Part 2
I went to the Chuck Klosterman reading at the Elliott Bay Book Company last night with the ever-lovely JD (who just started blogging: check it out here). Klosterman did an extensive Q&A afterward, and responded to one question with, “I don’t really have any unpublished thoughts.” For the record, I do, and I’m looking for representation.

Later on he was doing a riff on people who are famous for being famous (his example: Nick Lachey) as opposed to being famous for actually doing something (his example: Joe DiMaggio). The thing is, I thought he was saying “Nicholas Shay”, so when he finished the riff and happened to be looking in my direction for the next question, I raised my hand. He called on me, so I asked, only half joking, “Who’s Nicholas Shay?” Fortunately he — and apparently the rest of the audience, who laughed — thought I said “Nick Lachey”.

So MC, add this to the list of things I don’t know, right under “Who wrote the lyrics to West Side Story?”

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