It’s the Most Pimpin’est Time of the Year

I’m still getting acquainted with the rituals around my new and lovely writing home, but apparently it’s the time of year when we F&SF writer types are supposed to announce which of our stories are eligible for a Hugo Award (I have no idea how you’d pimp for an Obie…make sure the theatre critics at the Village Voice are well watered, maybe?).

So, yeah, I have two Hugo eligible short stories: “Just Do It”, originally in the July 2006 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and “Mayfly”, published on Strange Horizons in September.

And since those are my first pro publications, I’m eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for the Best New Writer in Science Fiction.

The winner of the Campbell Award gets a neato tiara, which is why I got into science fiction. For the tiaras. I looked around and thought, “How can I get me a tiara?” and after Win Beauty Pageant was rejected on practical grounds (ass too big, hair too small) I went to the next item on my list: Write Science Fiction, Win Campbell Award.

Once my Campbell eligibility runs out in 2008, I will have no choice but to move on to the third option: Marry Royalty. So seriously, WorldCon ’06 and ’07 attendees — nominate me for a Campbell Award. The Royals have enough trouble as it is.

Also, please nominate me for a pony.

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