Nuptials and Naughty Bits


I’m in Southern California on the eve of my brother’s wedding to his fabulous finacée, accompanied by A, who is devouring Black Mountain poetry and writing more of his own (poems, not Black Mountain, although an excellent one features the black widow spiders so common in this neck of the desert).


Baby’s first podcast is up at Podcastle now — I was lured in by the opportunity to read John Schoffstall’s “Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery”, which is funny as all get out and gives me an opportunity to say “cooter” outside a Sharon Stone context. Also, I finally got some practical use out of studying Middle English in undergrad (*shakes fist at the Pearl Poet*).

There are naughtier and cursier bits than “cooter”, so consider it NSFW unless you’re wearing headphones.

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