Proof That the Web Is Self-aware

So hey, I was writing a semi-whiny blog entry last night, and apparently it was not only semi-whiny but also fully dull, because I fell asleep while working on it. The only part worth salvaging is the very beginning:

I just had a major discovery in the realm of What Makes Me Cranky and/or Blue (and at this point I encourage you to imagine an odd table-top machine with a bellows and gears and ratchets and a morning glory phonograph horn, with all the bits coated in camp-dish blue enamel — you know, the kind with little white flecks). It’s nice to know what I can expect when I turn the handle of the machine.

The epiphany itself had to do with predicting bouts of frustration and self-recrimination and various other unpleasant things that end with shun.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning my internet access was kaput, so I wasn’t able to post the entry. And now my better judgement has been restored along with my access to teh intarweb.

One thought on “Proof That the Web Is Self-aware

  1. Uncle Mike

    So hey, that was almost a month ago. Where have you been? I hope you didn’t drown in the floods. Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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