We Three Things of Disorient Are

1) I don’t think I’m alone in this:

When I make friends with folks who turn out to be writers — especially writers in the early stages of their careers who cannot yet point to a giant validating pile of published material (i.e. my peer group) — there is a moment of trepidation when I first read their work. The bipartite worry is best summed up as, “What if I think it sucks? What will I say?”

Which is why it was such a glorious relief when the first story Al gave me to read kicked ass. And it’s just been reprinted online, so I can point everyone to its alt lunar goodness.

2) Yesterday was my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, Aaron!

3) I just realized that my pal Tracy’s birthday was earlier this month. Since I was not in town to consume the traditional flaming birthday drink, I need to think of a really good way to make it up to her…

4 thoughts on “We Three Things of Disorient Are

  1. Weasel Boy

    Hey Rat Girl!! Thanks for the shout out! I also got your voice mail on my cell, but didn’t know if I could call back. Nice to know you were thinking of me. Love You!!

  2. Tracy

    All will be forgiven when you come back to Seattle and buy me a drink. Until then, you’re in hell, baby!

  3. Lindsley

    Well, yes, Liberty, you are the GOOD friend. But as the the EVIL friend I get this nifty Handlebar and Chin Puff.

    Heh, “Handlebar and Chin Puff” sounds like a 70s cop show that only lasted one season…

    Weasel Boy! I hope you had a fabulous birthday, and I’ll send you all the numbers you need to call me whenever you want. Love you, too!

    Oh yes Tracy, I will buy you drinks, and there will be fire. But you must promise not to pick up any creepy French stalkers, even though, yes, you are so sek-see.


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