Woo! Also, Hoo!

Just about a year ago today — a year ago this Thursday, to be precise — I found out The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction bought my story “Just Do It”.

I wasn’t in Seattle to stalk my mailbox this year, but there was still yelling and hooting this evening when I discovered my most recent story, “Atalanta Loses at the Interpantheonic Trivia Bee”, found a home at F&SF.

This is the kind of annual event a girl could get used to.

6 thoughts on “Woo! Also, Hoo!

  1. Jo

    I love it!! Did She tell you we drank Mojitos in Leavenworth on Friday night with my printed copy of “Atalanta” sitting on the table as your representation? Spooky!! Congratulations!

  2. Judy

    this event will be celebrated with much happiness and tomfoolery…and likely a bunch of BOOZE in your honor….

    btw..did I tell you I am a Rock Critic now? My first review should be published this week at: sleazegrinder.com. Look for Slow Children..a most wonderful play btw. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

  3. Diesel

    Congratulations! Which issue is your first story in? (Or did they just buy it and sit on it?) I’ve got a pile of those things around here somewhere, and maybe I’ll dig it out.

    I’ve submitted a story or two to them, but the response was not as encouraging. I think that may have been because they really only publish good stories though.


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