Paris update tomorrow (by which I mean “the day after today” in contrast to the usage below, which apparently means “an undetermined day in the same week as the 31st of Never”). In the meantime I will note the following:

1. While my conscious mind is navigating my short-term career path, my unconscious mind is colluding with my shoulders to send messages of their own in the form of an elaborate system of knots. It’s like khipu back there. Message received, rogue body and soul parts — now loosen up, please.

2. Treading down “career path” to a segue: during the second week of Clarion West Andy Duncan advised me to “work retail”, by which he meant that I should not get so sucked into any career that I neglected to write. The fabulous Mr. Duncan has kindly mentioned me on his nifty blog, Beluthahatchie.

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