Techno Cherries

Cherry season is here at last (I heart cherry season)! Even now that I’m lucky enough to be able to get cherries just about any time of the year, I wait. I started eyeing them last month, when they first turned up at £6 for a half a kilo (around 12 sad pathetic weak dollars a pound). But I waited, less out a sensible frugality than for the same reason that I don’t celebrate Christmas in November, no matter how damn early the stores drag out the decorations.

Instead I watched and waited for the price drop that swings open the door of cherry season like the fiscal Advent calendar.

So how appropriate that my mom sent this just days before my first cherry acquisition of the year:

Meet your Great Grandpa James! He loved cherries. I have fond memories of him piling us into the car and driving to the cherry orchards every weekend during cherry season. All of us (including him) would pick/eat as many cherries as we could. He always had a big smile in a cherry orchard. He died when you were 8 months old.

She attached two pictures, and noted that she’d used her new computer, its Comic Life program, and the scanner “to tweak the original photo enough to finally see his happy face.” Behold:

8 thoughts on “Techno Cherries

  1. Mom

    He would be so happy that his cherry loving DNA lives on in his great granddaughter!

    Thanks for the compliment, Liberty. I’m still wearing training wheels. Heather dragged me kicking and screaming into computer land…I never want to go back to that other world! Ever…even to sleep. Heh!

  2. Kate Schaefer

    What a nice anecdote.

    I love cherry season. Glenn and I went to the University Farmers Market and bought four pounds of cherries this morning. I’m hoping they won’t all be gone by tomorrow…

  3. Uncle Mike

    Aunt Carol & I were there when that picture was taken in Maryland. We were visiting Nadine & her family. Your Grandpap & I were in the tree eating way more cherries than we should have. We had to stop when he told me “If I eat another cherrie, it’s gonna push one out!” I almost fell out of the tree laughing. I kinda felt bad when we went to pay for them, the lady said we could have them for free because there were so few left and she knew we had a hard time finding them. We laughed all the way back home.

  4. Corrina

    What a great picture, and a fantastic job tweaking it too cuz! It’s so nice to see his smiling face framed by the branches heavy with cherries. Even though I wasn’t old enough to know him hearing the stories over the years, like his insatiable delight for cherries, always makes me miss him. Yay! for cherry season and Grandpap and for computer land (where I can at least virtually bond with my fam!) and Random Jane! XO CMR

  5. Uncle Mike

    Ahhh! The Cherry loving gene from Grandpap James lives on. You might not know your cousin Michael lives in Greenbluf,WA, an area well known for it’s Cherrys. Every year they have a funrun called the Cherry Pickers Trot. He and his daughter Taylor run in the funrun every year (I used to do it too, but my knees say NO!) Mike & Lisa help sponsor the funrun by providing parking and comfort stations in one of their fields. Love them Cherrys!! Cherry Dumplings Rule ! Yum.


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