A quick Write-a-thon update:

I did finish revisions to “The Last Taste” so off it goes to Weird Tales. “The Diplomat’s Holiday” is still under construction, but again I’m keeping to the schedule and switching to the next revision candidate, “Where the Time Goes”. The opening:

“I’m gonna kill you.” Chambers stalked up to Martin and dropped a crusty sock on his console. “Maybe a little death will keep you from leaving your stuff all over the ship.”

“We have a salvage run today,” Martin told her.

She flopped into the chair next to him. “Tomorrow, then. I’ll kill you tomorrow.”

“Okey doke.”

“So when’s our launch slot?”

Martin pushed the sock aside and checked the monitor. “15:05,” he said, but his answer was drowned out by the sudden noisy declaration that girls just wanted to have fuh-un.

“What the hell is that?”

“The new commtone,” Martin said. “I pulled it from the music archives in honor of today’s run. What do you think?”

“I think you should answer the comm and delete that tone,” Chambers said, adding too late, “Wait, who is it?”

Can’t you just feel the swash about to buckle?

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