The British Are Coming

Busy week, although I did manage to celebrate the 4th after work with steak soft tacos and Mexican beer graciously carted up to my apartment by A, because that’s part of edible America I miss. Then we watched Hot Fuzz followed by several episodes of the Venture Brothers (“Hot dolphin!”).

Also, I believe I’ve stumbled upon a conspiracy:

Any day now George Bush will rip through his ConTexasicut accent and dipshit syntax like an alien emerging from John Hurt’s belly and suddenly begin speaking the Queen’s English as well as HRH. And he will immediately use his newly-exposed erudition to announce the official return of the monarchy. And that’s when we all notice that “W” is just a pair of Vs, an “X” with training wheels, and George the Tenth will continuing doing as he damn well pleases.

At which point we’ll have to take our powder, take our guns, and report to General Washington all over again.

One request for Constitution 2.0, though: can we please please please leave out the Electoral College?

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